With all the hubbub over the new American Idol Experience, we missed some other big news. The Walt Disney Company celebrated the memory of one of its own with the creation of the Disney Memorial Pausch Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University in memory of Dr. Randy Pausch.

Dr. Randy Pausch

Dr. Pausch was a favorite professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who during a sabbatical, became a Walt Disney Imagineer. His impact on both of those institutions was honored on February 5, 2009 with the creation of this fellowship. Dr. Pausch also wrote an inspiring book title The Last Lecture which was a summation of everything that Dr. Pausch had lived his life towards. It is an inspiring book and one that brought this professor to the forefront of the public’s conscience.

Randy Pausch lived his life inspiring his students, colleagues and co-workers. Now, the vitality and energy he brought to his classroom lives on and serves as an inspiration to millions of people he never had the chance to meet. We are proud to honor Randy’s passion by supporting the innovators and dreamers of tomorrow with these fellowships. Disney President and CEO, Bob Iger

The fellowship will support 2 graduate students: 1 from the College of Computer Science and 1 from the College of Fine Arts. The two areas of interest that Dr. Pausch dedicated so much of his life and passion to. Also, to mark his life a specially designed medallion is being placed in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and it reads:

Be good at something; it makes you valuable. Have something to bring to the table, because that will make you more welcome.

You can find this near the Mad Tea Party. If you have a chance to read his book, you will find his message particularly inspiring.