The latest marketing campaign from the Walt Disney Co. has people scratching their heads. It all started with some simple black flyers emblazoned with the simple question “Are you 23?”


We only have a few days left to see what the latest is from the marketing geniuses at The Walt Disney World Co. Speculation has been rampant from a new Disney specific credit card to a more likely scenario of a new type of fan club with an anuual fee, limited edition collectibles and more. Kind of like a pay as you go Disneyana Convention.

I think that is the most likely possibility since the Disneyana Conventions were such a draw for the company and fans of Disney. But we will have to wait a few days more to see what “Are you 23?” means. In the meantime, head over to the Disney site and sign up to be one of the first ones to hear the big news on March 10, 2009.