With over 1700 images from ESPN the Weekend, I will be digging out of these for a while. There were some great shots but my favorite has to be Donnie Edwards in his Mickey Mouse ears and classic Mickey T – he was having a good time at the event.

Athletes and Celebrities

The list of hall of famers, mvp’s and star players (even a gold medalist or two) that attended ESPN the Weekend continues to amaze me. From my personal favorites of Misty May-Treanor and John Franco to legendary players like Jim Kelly and Brett Favre ESPN assembled a stellar roster of guests for this years event.

With our media credentials (thanks to ESPN for recognizing the social media as another viable outlet for their network) we had great access to the shows and coincidentally the stars. it was great to hear the stories from these athletes and watch them interact with the fans that love them so much.

Although we are still reviewing the images, and will be for a while, here are a few shots that we have uploaded for you to enjoy.


Wrapping it up

I saw so many kids, and quite a few adults, carrying around bags filled with every kind of memorabilia for the athletes to sign – and at every signing opportunity the athletes obliged as much as they could while keeping to the rigoruous schedule of appearances throughout the day. They were gracious and very appreciative of the fans who came out to see them and I believe they had as much fun, if not more, than the guests.

The Walt Disney World Resort and ESPN put on another stellar event. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the perfect place to have these type of events and provided easy access and great signage for the guests and the athletes. Thanks to all who came out to celebrate the fans and the hosts from ESPN.