There is nothing better than seeing a live performance with your favorite characters. There is no one that can put on a better performance than the Walt Disney World Resort with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and a host of other performers showing what happens when you believe in your dreams.

Castle Forecourt

Cinderella Castle is perhaps one of the most recognizable landmarks in North America and certainly the most prominent one in Central Florida. What perhaps, may be less well known, is the Castle Forecourt Stage; home to celebrations, shows and ceremonies over the years. Located directly in front of Cinderella Castle, it sits at the foot of the pearl of the Magic Kingdom and is easily accessible on the North side of the hub.

Currently playing on the stage is Dream Along With Mickey. The show is a wonderful display of the power of dreams and what can happen when you believe in yourself and the dream that is inside of you.

Video Playlist


The video is broken into three parts for your viewing.

Wrapping it up

There are so many shows to see when you visit the Walt Disney World Resort, it is easy to overlook some and hard to decide which ones to see. The beauty of seeing a show on the Castle Forecourt Stage is that it is central to everything else in the park.

You can plan your day to insure you pass by the stage when one of the performances is going on and then continue on to the next adventure. There are really no bad seats when you are in front of the castle and the show lasts under 20 minutes.

If you time it just right, you can probably squeeze in a bite to eat while you watch the show and save more time for riding the attractions in the park. Try to stop by and watch the show during your next visit to the Magic Kingdom, you won’t be disappointed.