Environmentality has been a catchphrase in the Disney vernacular for years. When I worked there, it never seemed to be a hollow promise, either. The company was dedicated to preserving the natual world as much as they could; a tradition of love the natural world that extends back to Walt.

Conservation is key

In the spirit of this legacy, Reuters is reporting that The Walt Disney Co. is going to cut their carbon emissions to zero over the next decade. Starting with a planned cut  of carbon emissions from fuels by half by 2012. Along with the reduction is the goal to decrease solid waste as well. Disney commisioned an independent report to help guage their footprint and aid in guiding their future plans to reduce that impact.

Disney’s enhanced corporate responsibility efforts make our brands and products more attractive, strengthen our bonds with consumers, make the company a more desirable place to work and build goodwill in the communities we operate. All of this contributes to shareholder value
Disney president and CEO Robert A. Iger

The long-term environmental goals outlined in the report are:

  • Zero waste
  • Zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions from fuels
  • Reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions from electricity consumption
  • Net positive impact on ecosystems
  • Minimize water use
  • Minimize product footprint
  • Inform, empower and activate positive action for the environment

We applaud Disney for its leadership in adopting these goals, especially at such a challenging time in the global economy. Disney’s vision underscores the continued interest in the environment among people worldwide and the growing recognition that environmental leadership can help revitalize the economy.
said Peter Seligmann, Chairman and CEO of Conservation International

Conservation International provided advice to Disney on its new goals and targets.

The 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report represents the latest phase in Disney’s longstanding heritage of corporate social responsibility and reflects a company-wide effort to build an integrated, transparent strategy focused on serving the needs of the company’s primary stakeholders; consumers, employees, shareholders, business partners and the communities in which it works.

It is nice to see that Disney is taking matters more seriously than some other large corporations. you can find the entire article on Reuters site.