Guerlain is one of the premier brands for perfume, makeup and skincare lines. In keeping with their tradition of excellence they are releasing a new line of lipsticks; Guerlain rouge

The lipstick

Guerlain called on one of the most talented jewelers from the Place Vendome in Paris, Lorenz Baumer, to create an object of mystery and seduction: Rouge G de Guerlain. At the first click, the case reveals a stunning mirror, a promise of your own personal luxury, and then an exceptional lipstick nestled within the case. Rouge G de Guerlain surpasses mere beauty with a breathtaking formula. A precious ruby powder interacts with daylight to reveal spectacular radiance unachieved to date. At the first contact, lips are immediately defined, smoothed, plumped and hydrated.

French Pavilion

Now just why are we talking about lipsticks when we should be talking about all things Disney? Located in the French Pavilion at Epcot you can find some of Guerlain’s exceptional products. Here at Epcot you can find one of only a handful of official boutiques by Guerlain with special events throughout the year. This is one of the events to be celebrated for happening at the Walt Disney World Resort.

So next time your in Epcot, stop by the French Pavilion and see just what Guerlain has in store for you…I am sure you will find something wonderful.