I am going to try an experiment with some mobile updates to the site as I wander through the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival today. Playing around with certain iPhone apps and some of the photo sharing sites to bring live photos to the site.


There are so many ways to stay connected today and this is a bit of an experiment with the best manner to showcase some live photo blogging, plogging, from Disney’s Parks to etckt.


Picasa is Google’s photo sharing site and it is pretty awesome, as most of Google’s products are. I have been using it for years and this is the slideshow as provided by Picasa.


Yahoo’s answer to photo sharing and quite honestly the 900lb. gorilla when it comes to photo sharing. I love the simplicity of their site and the mobile access.

Wrapping it up

As the site evolves and we are more mobile with our posts, it is imperative we can bring you some of the live events from the Walt Disney World Resort. Your comments are welcomed.