Whether you are are 3, 33 or 103, there is something fun about getting a Mickey Mouse sticker as you wander through the parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, near Orlando, FL. The castmembers at the parks have used character stickers as a way to get a smile out of just about every visitor to the parks.

Magical Moments

Over the years these little keepsakes have been handed out at all of Disney’s parks around the world. There used to be a lot of different stickers that were particular to the event, location, etc. Over the years as I accumulated a number of these although that number has been decreasing steadily since my daughters found my stash and gleefully stick them on anything they can find in the house.

The thing that I find is the early stickers seem to have more character, no pun intended, than the current stock Mickey Mouse. Although I love Mickey, there was something cool about seeing him in his pirate’s costume or skipper’s outfit. That added a bit of whimsy to Mickey but also added a special quality to the location from where you acquired the sticker.

There was a time when the merchandise available varied wildly depending upon your location at the Walt Disney World Resort. You could only find certain products at the Magic Kingdom and no where else. Even so diversified as Main St. U.S.A. products were different than those in Fantasyland.

This changed slightly when the Disney Stores opened years ago because you could now get a Walt Disney World T-shirt without visiting the parks. This was great for the company’s overall branding but diluted the special quality of having to visit the park to get that souvenir. Ultimately much of the Disney branded product was universal regardless of the location you may have purchased it.

As the company grew and its stable of parks increased it was inevitable that there would be some homegnization of the products available to the guests. This has extended all the way to the beloved little stickers. Gone are most of the various stickers, except for special events like Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival, resulting in the pair of Mickey Mouse stickers found across most of the parks.

Despite that it is still one of the surest ways to quiet a crying child and bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. And I am also starting to see a resurgence of great new products in the stores across the parks that I see no where else. I think that Bob Iger and his team have been working hard to rekindle that special connection guests have when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort; with their hotel, their parks and their souvenirs.

Wrapping it Up

Remember, as you wander through the parks and hotels at Walt Disney World to ask for these stickers. Most castmembers have them in hand, and you never know, you may find a rare gem. If you do, let us know.