Received an email today from D23 and it appears that D23 is surveying its members on a wide variety of topics – all things Disney as it were.



One would imagine that they might have used this survey before they launched the D23 membership. If so perhaps this is a follow-up to determine how close their research came to the mark with actual members.

The survey itself is 2 pages and 49 questions, with all multiple choice but the last one. Most of them are based around Disney topics, but some of the last ones are the obligatory demographics questions.

My favorite questions

Not sure where they are going with this data, but some of my favorite questions were:

11. Which of the Seven Dwarfs describes you best? I picked Dopey

24. I prefer to travel via _____? I chose The Nautilus

25. Dream home is in? Monstropolis

27. Best place to work? Muppet Labs (where else?)

The questions spanned the entire Disney entertainment spectrum, including Broadway – which is suffering a bit more than the other Disney outlets right now.

Wrapping it up

I am glad that D23 is taking the time to keep tabs on its members wishes. My initial experience with being a charter member is less than stellar. For example it took the company 4 attempts to deliver the custom poster before I received one that was not damaged. Hopefully they can fine-tune the promise and the fulfillment of this new community and asking for feedback is the first step.