One of the great things about Disney’s parks is that special quality the Imagineers call streetmosphere.  The Imagineer use sensory design to create a truly magical experience for the guests to their parks here at the Walt Disney World Resort and all around Disney’s World.


A simple example

The attention to the architectural details (sights), the wonderful aromas of sweet treats (smells), the period music that envelopes you as you make your way through the park (sounds) and the castmembers who make the magic happen (touch) all combine to make a memorable experience for the guest.

Now I know that is only 4 out of the 5 senses, but you’ll have to spring for the tasy treats to fill out all 5.

Wandering down Main St. we ran into the mayor of Main St. U.S.A., the Honorable Christopher George Weaver. After he bent our ear a bit, and we his, he handed us his business card.

That attention to the smallest detail is what separates an experience at Disney’s Magic Kingdom with virtually every other amusement park in the world; the story. Disney has the story of its parks down to the business card of its fictitious mayor.

Understanding the little details combine to create the big picture is one of the reasons why Disney excels at storytelling. And their storytelling comes in a variety of forms; from theme parks and movies to video games and comic books.

Understanding those qualities that go into a compelling story and pulling them all together, working in concert to deliver what no one else can do to the level that Disney can has been what has seperated The Walt Disney Co. from virtually every other entertainment compnay for as long as they have been in business.

Going to the parks can be overwhelming, but when you stop and take a moment to enjoy these little magical moments that are in place for the guests, you begin to understand the wonder of Disney. Next time you are rushing to get to that big attraction, stop for a moment and share these moments with your family and friends because it is definitely worth it.