Not to long ago I was a CD for an ad agency and we were working on some promotional materials for a new attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The campaign was designed to introduce this ride to Disney Travel Agents and our idea used a great direct mail piece and a micro-site to lead the TA’s to view the new broadcast spot created by Disney.


The Campaign

The original campaign was a large scale multi-media promotion, but Disney could not afford the lead time necessary to produce this and still meet their marketing goals, so we scaled back some of the interactive elements and focused on the direct mail pieces. Despite that we were able to make a splash online with this microsite that helped inform and educate the Disney Travel Agents on this new attraction, Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Wrapping it up

The campaign was a huge success for Disney, generating the feedback and requests for information that exceeded their expectations. Also, it won a few awards as well which is always a nice thing.