Over the years I have collected lots of things. Most of them had gone on to become expensive hobbies so I moved to downscale my interests. One of the things that has been consistent is my love for pins. From concert pins to several Olympic items to my favorite Disney pins. There are quite a few pins from the Studios in my collection and here are a few.

Disney-MGM Studios


Photograph © Copyright etckt.com


Photograph © Copyright etckt.com


Photograph © Copyright etckt.com


Photograph © Copyright etckt.com

This pin is actually one of my favorite Mickey’s; his pose and expression are classic and captures his essence.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios


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Photograph © Copyright etckt.com

Wrapping it up

Pins are almost too expensive for me now, since they have become so elaborate and subsequently pricey. I have scaled back from active collecting and only pick up special pins, like the American Idol Experience pins since I covered that attraction opening earlier this year.

Pins are a great way to mark your travels and Disney has more pins to celebrate more events in your life. These were some of mine.