So the premiere of the newest stage show at the Magic Kingdom bowed today. Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration takes place in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom and combines singing, dancing and an interactive Stitch on the big screen.


Wrapping it up

One of my favorite attractions is Turtle Talk with Crush; the combination of live animation and interaction with the audience is wonderful and works fantastic even if you are not part of the show. This new show seems to have too much focus on the song and dance routines and not enough on Stitch and the ability to interact with the guests in the audience.

The truly amazing thing about this technology they have implemented in these shows is that one-on-one interaction between the beloved character and their guests at the show. That interaction is severely limited in this new show and leaves a lot of the entertainment in the hands of the dancers on stage. Although they were accomplished, a stage routine is nothing compared to the ability to talk with these characters in real time. There are lots of places to see a stage act, but there are only a handful of places to talk to an alien.

I am hopeful that the show producers will tweak this show in the days ahead to focus more on Stitch and less on Tip Trendo.