Disney/Pixar has pulled out all the stops in promoting their newest picture, UP. It looks to be a wonderful story and the animation is the best you can find, coming from Pixar. It also has one of the cooler email campaigns I have seen to promote the movie.



The email is the standard HTML campaign that we see so much today. Although it has the soon-to-be classic characters from the film in one of the signature shots being used in the promotions. The main message, or primary goal as we say in the industry, is to make a date with your favorite kid.

Pulls at the parents out there, like myself, as well as is a direct tie to the storyline of the film.



Once you click through you land on the microsite for the the film. This site is clearly designed with the single goal of pre-purchasing tickets. Enter in your zip-code and you will find a series of screens walking you through the process to make the date and invite your friends.

Wrapping it up

The experience is quick and easy, although you need to register to send the emails to your friends; your Disney.com registration does not work with this micro-site. Your friends will received the email, and can even be reminded from the site. It adds a little social network for your date and is an interesting way to get a group of folks engaged and excited to head to the film with the ability to add comments and update the information on your page.

I have made my date with my kids, and now you can too.