I missed the whole Transformer generation of toys. It came during the time when I had found more time drawing than playing with toys. Since then, I have designed toys for a period of years and have come to focus on Disney collectible toys and have I found the coolest toy ever!




When one conjures up images of Transformers from the depths of one’s memory, visions of Megatron or Bumblebee might waver in the mind’s eye. No one really expects Mickey Mouse to appear but yet there he is. A jovial rodent in the cab of Convoy as if he belonged there. To add insult to injury, the Cybertron logo on the trailer has been replaced by a Mickey Mecha logo with saucer-like ears.



The Transformers Mickey figure measures 4″ tall and roughly 3″ in width. By tucking, shifting, and swiveling parts, the robot may be transformed into a truck with trailer.



If more cross-pollination of brands and franchises are headed our way, maybe it won’t be long until we see Megatron X Donald Duck or perhaps we’ll all live to witness Convoy X Hello Kitty.


Wrapping it up

The series is already sold out at the site, so it looks like I am going to be scouring ebay for these little guys. Rumor has it there is a Donald Duck in the works as well, so let the hunt begin.