If you happen to find yourself in the Palm Beach area this summer, you might want to check out the Norton Museum’s exhibit – Disney: The Music Behind tthe Magic, 1928 – Today.


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The Music behind the Magic: Disney, 1928–Today explores the integral role that music has played in every facet of Disney’s success, from animation and film to TV, radio and Broadway, as well as the record label’s key songs, composers and performers, and their impact on popular music and culture. The exhibit narrative and design is geared for anyone old enough to enjoy the music of Disney.

Some people will tell you that music was a key ingredient of Walt Disney’s success. Don’t believe it. Music was the foundation of Walt Disney’s success
Leonard Maltin, film critic

The exhibit is designed with a multi-generational audience in mind, and each major thematic section combines Disney’s past and present so that its elements resonate with everyone from tots and teens to parents and grandparents.

The members sneak peak will take place Friday June 5, from noon – 7:00 pm. The exhibit will open to the public on June 6, 2009 and run through September 6, 2009.

Wrapping it up

The Norton is an exceptional museum and has had some fantastic exhibits for the art lover in us all. This exhibit will cater to the music lover as well and how it has impacted Walt Disney’s success over the years.