Announced earlier this year, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is ready to open up. Already, the online gaming component is live and ready to teach.

© Copyright Disney

© Copyright Disney


The Great Piggy Bank Adventure online is a virtual board game that educates kids and adults on the importance of wise financial planning. Kids will learn about important financial concepts and use these lessons to complete the game and achieve their dream goals. While The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is designed for kids from ages 8 to 14, fun-loving adults are encouraged to play with their kids and get involved in their financial education.

During the course of The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, kids will:

  • Learn the basics of setting goals, saving and spending wisely, inflation, asset allocation and diversification
  • Make tough choices that will affect their financial plans
  • Use different investment strategies for growing assets
  • Choose and accomplish their own personal dream goals
© Copyright Disney

© Copyright Disney


The experience at INNOVENTIONS The Great Piggy Bank Adventure at INNOVENTIONS at Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World Resort is an exciting journey that teaches families about the importance of financial planning. The experience, sponsored by T. Rowe Price, combines physical and virtual elements to create fun-filled learning challenges that the entire family can enjoy.

Additionally, T. Rowe Price has collaborated with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online to create an exciting, new online game to complement the Epcot experience and teaches kids about financial planning.

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For Parents

It’s never too early to teach your kids about the importance of financial planning! The sooner your kids learn about making wise financial decisions, the better off they’ll be in the future. The Great Piggy Bank Adventure online is an entertaining way for kids to learn the basics of wise personal financial planning. Play alongside your kids and educate them on the choices they can make to achieve their financial goals. You might even pick up a few new financial tips on the way!

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure online is designed to:

  • Educate kids on the core concepts of financial planning in a fun, memorable experience
  • Let kids have fun setting their own financial goals and accomplishing them
  • Get you involved in your kids’ financial education

Online safety is important! The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is a simple and fun way for kids to learn about financial planning. While multiple people can play around one computer, there is no internet multi-player option in The Great Piggy Bank Adventure.

About T. Rowe Price

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Wrapping it up

This looks to be an even better experience than the initial reports. The physical attraction combined with an online component at looks to be an engaging way to teach kids about finances.