Mickey Monsters are here to visit the theme parks. They try to blend in by disguising themselves as Mickey and other characters that they meet on their visit. Keep an eye out for Mickey Monsters. They could be right in front of you!

What are they?


A new series of characters invading a theme park near you soon! The Mickey Monsters were one of the new products that I saw at the Museum of Pin-tiquities event at Epcot. Everyone loves a good scare now and then and this is a great way for your little one to be brave with their own little monster masquerading as everyone’s favorite mouse.

They appear to be a cross between the simplicity of vinylmation characters combined with the playfulness of some of the characters you might run across in Monstropolis.

Cast of Characters



Keeti likes to dress up and she is always trying to fit in with mixed results. If you play dress-up with her, she will love you forever (also, her says says, “I’m beautiful“).

Cheeky Bubbles


Cheeky Bubbles loves to ride the attractions and the faster the better. Above all, he likes to ride them with his best friend Ralf. Because just like Pooh bear says, “it’s much friendlier with two“.



Ogg also likes to visit the parks and go on the attractions. But Ogg likes to eat even better. His favorites are hot dogs and ice cream – together; which is what he likes to have after he goes on the rides.



Murff is a bit of a chocoholic. If you give Murff some, he will be your best friend as long as the mug stays full. Once empty, all bets are off so keep him happy with lots of hot chocolate…and marshmallows too.



Ralf is the strong silent type. He leaves most of the talking to his best friend Cheeky Bubbles, which leaves more time for Ralf to eat. Here’s a hint, want to get on b good side, invite him to lunch and he will be your best friend.



Eeku loves ninja movies. And like the stars of those movies, Eeku loves having his picture taken. If you whip out your camera, chances are Eeku will use his ninja stealth to sneak into your shots.

Wrapping it up

These are just some of the first toys in the line and they are even cuter in person than in pictures. The storylines for each is fresh and seems to extend this Mickey masquerade that began with the Vinylmation characters. I look forward to picking these up later in the year when they are released.

The initial product line includes: plush characters, pins and plush keychains. Look for an expanded line once these Mickey Monsters invade the parks, and your home.