I heard the news today, which I had always knew would come at some point but hoped it would not, that they had begun demolition of one of the original attractions at the Magic Kingdom – the Skyway to Fantasyland/Tomorrowland.

There are a lot of reasons why this was a great attraction, but the best reason I can offer, was the unprecedented view of the park. It was a quiet place to rest, relax and get some breathtaking views while you were transported across the park. It was something unique and allowed a brief respite in usually busy days within the park.

The attraction itself was closed in 1999 after the death of a castmember. I had always hoped they would find a way to bring this attraction back, alas, that will not happen.

I know that they are refurbishing Space Mountain and there are supposed plans in the works for some other enhancements to the Magic Kingdom. I look forward to those additions to the park, but wish they had found some way to incorporate such an historical artifact that had stood in the park since opening day. Let’s hope the new features bring a place for new memories to be made.