Walt Disney World Resort recently welcomed two male calves to the giraffe herd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

© Copyright Disney

© Copyright Disney

Weighing 153 pounds, Bolo was born Oct. 12 to second-time mother Big Girl, who first birthed a female calf in November 2005. On Oct. 5, the Disney’s Animal Programs team helped to deliver 166-pound calf Bruehler from third-time mother Aibuni. As newborns, both male calves stand nearly six feet tall and could grow to be as tall as 15 – 18 feet as adults.

Both calves and mothers appear to be doing well according to veterinarians and animal care managers. The young males, who began nursing successfully soon after birth, are already feisty and very active.

The next important milestone is for the calves to continue the bonding process with their mothers who will teach them important lessons and guide them as they are introduced to the herd in the coming weeks.
Matt Hohne, Animal Operations Director at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

These two latest bundles of joy represent the 13th and 14th giraffes born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom since opening in 1998. Giraffes at Walt Disney World Resort are bred through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Population Management Plan, which is a consortium of zoos and wildlife parks working together to conserve and breed animals.

Other Fun Facts about Giraffes

  • The typical gestation period for a giraffe is approximately 15 months.
  • An adult giraffe’s neck alone can measure up to 7-feet, and their tongues can be as long as 18 inches.
  • Each giraffe has a unique set of skin markings, similar to a human fingerprint.
  • Same as people, giraffes have seven neck vertebrae bones.