Continuing with last week’s review of the 2010 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, we pick up our story right after some tremendous Belgian Waffles and have moved onto the offerings from the United States. We tried the Heirloom Tomatoes with Oregon Blue Cheese, red onions and basil; this has to be one of our favorite dishes from this year. The combination of tomatoes and other simple flavors provided a wonderfully refreshing dish that worked well together.\

While at the United States we also purchased a sampling of the Bison Chili with wild mushrooms, cabernet and pepper jack cheese. There was a great melange of flavors with a secondary kick of the spices. This isn’t too hot for those who like their jalapeños but it might be a bit much for the more timid digestive systems. Personally, I loved this dish very much and rank this in my top five for this year’s dishes.

Now since neither of these dishes seemed to entice our 4 year old dining partner, we picked her up a Kaki-Gori, which was conveniently located adjacent to the United States booth. If you have never had one of these shave-ice treats, you should give them a try. It is the same type of simple shave-ice cup you can find all over the country; offering several flavors, our little gourmand opted for the rainbow version with strawberry, honeydew melon and tangerine flavors.

Continuing along our culinary adventure, we made our way to some of my favorite meals and my ancestral home, Italy. First, we tried the Polpettine Toscane with a rosemary breadstick. Having recently eaten at Via Napoli, these tiny meatballs are very similar (if not exactly) the same ones offered in the children’s menu. They are very dense and flavorful while the breadstick offered an alternate crunchy texture to the meatballs and sauce.

We also ordered the Baked Cheese Ravioli with a creamy Bolognese sauce and melted mozzarella. This was one of the larger servings we had at the festival this year. The ravioli was cooked very well, al dente, but there seemed to be a lot of mozzarella which somewhat overpowered the rest of the flavors of the dish. Since there was a bit extra of the sauce from the Polpetinne, we combined the two and made our own little creation.

At this point, we still have a bit to go, but the numerous dishes is pushing the limits of our stomachs, and my belt. We will continue the reviews and expand upon some of our views on the 2010 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in the next installment(s) of our strolling lunch.