So in between the Halloween family festivities, we made another trip to Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival this past Saturday. The weather in Orlando was fabulous and the park was bustling with guests.

Our first stop, on our clock-wise, journey around World Showcase was Mexico. Usually one of our favorites, this year did not disappoint. We ordered the Tamal de Pollo and the Taco de Chilorio. The tamal was cooked as close to perfection as possible. The flavors of the corn, chicken, cheese and sauce blended perfectly for a great start to the day.

The Taco de Chilorio was packed with a heaping helping of goodness that was extremely tasty; a bit drippy, however, and a might too spicy for a couple of folks in our party. If the tasty treats at Mexico were any indication, our day was going to be a great one at the festival.

Next country on our journey was one we missed last time around, Poland. We stopped in and tried their pierogies and golabki.

The Potato Pierogies with Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream were cooked perfectly. The mix of the hot pierogies and cool sour cream was a perfect complement to the dish.

The Golabki, or cabbage stuffed with pork, is not something you normally run across for most folks. These are a traditional Polish dish of minced meat wrapped inside of a lightly boiled cabbage leaf. If you have never tried one of these wonderful items, now is your chance because they were fantastic.

As we continued our stroll around World Showcase Lagoon, we bypassed a couple of the pavilions we had tried on earlier visits and headed over to Singapore. There we tried there Shrimp Cake with Singapore Noodles. This was an amazing dish and perhaps the winner for the day. The shrimp cake was piping hot out of the fryer and had a wonderful flavor, albeit it a bit spicy. The combination of the hot and spicy of the shrimp cake was complemented perfectly with the cool Singapore noodles; it really is a treat not to be missed.

We continued to wander, stopping in the Karamel Kusse to watch them make their magic, as well as pick up a few treats for later on in the day. The next stop was for some of the awesome Heirloom Tomatoes. There is something wonderful about fresh tomato salad and the combination served up in this dish is great.

The last stop for the day was for a little Godiva Chocolate Iced Coffee at Belgium. This was a nice little topper for the day and the girls loved seeing the waffles being made by the chefs.

With cool drinks in hand we headed over to France and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon serenaded by traditional music and watching the ever-increasing crowd wander by us. The offerings seemed to have matured in the weeks since we visited last. We did not have a bad dish during our stroll and the best of the day was a competition among the best.

I thought the tamal was exceptional as was the shrimp cake. Regardless, though, the day was beautiful the food was great and it is always fun to wander around World Showcase. If you have been to the Festival yet, time is running out – the festival will close on November 14, so head on over and enjoy some great food.