The holidays at the Walt Disney World Resort are always a special time. The parks and resorts are decked out in all their Christmas splendor and their are special events throughout the property.

At Epcot you can tour the holiday through the experiences at each of the pavilions and their traditional storytellers recounting the traditions particular to their country.

We discovered a treat in the Germany Pavilion last year, Glühwein. Glüwhein is a popular mulled wine that is typically served at Christmas time. It is usually, though not always, a red wine that has been spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar then served heated.

The version they serve at Epcot is served in this fashion, although tradition holds for a mit Schuss version which might have rum or other liquer(s) added to the beverage.

I am usually not fond of such drinks, but during the cold snaps we have been having lately, it is a wonderful treat while wandering World Showcase at Epcot. Stop by the Weinkeller and try it for yourself – but hurry, it is not available all year long.