The other day, while testing the latest build for PixieSafari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I took a few moments to grab a bite to eat at Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe; essentially the counter service version of the restaurant.

The menu offers a couple of nice selections, but I chose the Pork Egg Rolls ($3.99) and the Chicken Fried Rice ($3.99) while my assistant chose the Pork Egg Rolls and the Basket of Fries ($3.99).

One of my favorite places to grab an egg roll across the Walt Disney World is the cart in Adventureland, but with Yak & Yeti I believe I have found a new favorite.

There is nothing extremely special about the food. It is a standard egg roll, but the ingredients seem flavorful with a crispy shell.

The Chicken Fried Rice was a complete surprise. I enjoy a good bowl of rice and was happily surprised with the quality from Yak & Yeti’s Chicken Fried Rice. Granted, it is not a gourmet dish, let alone your standard theme park fare yet it was well cooked with a nice aroma and good flavor that really sated my appetite. Up until now, one of my favorite places to grab a heaping of rice was at the Japan Pavilion at Epcot, but my visit to Yak & Yeti has netted me with a new favorite.

The next surprise was the basket of french fries. Anyone who has visited the parks has probably had french fries with one of their meals. These fries were a nice thin sliced version of the traditional American favorite. There was a mild seasoning to the fries that was not typical of the standard Disney side dish and really made for a nice surprise. I will definitely order these again on my next trip to the park.

Yak & Yeti Counter Service offers a limited menu of items, but the small sampling I tried will surely bring me back my next trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Their full menu offers:


  • Honey Chicken $9.99
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken $9.99
  • Kung Pao Beef $10.99
  • Asian Chicken Sandwich $9.99
  • Mandarin Chicken Salad $8.99


  • Pork Egg Rolls $3.99
  • Chicken Fried Rice $3.99
  • Basket of Fries $3.99


  • Chocolate Cake $3.59
  • Frozen Lemonade $3.29

Kids’ Menu

  • Cheeseburger $4.99
  • Chicken Bites $4.99


  • Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Barq’s Root Beer $2.59
  • Souvenir Sports Bottle $4.99
  • Bottled Water $2.50
  • Bud Light $5.75
  • Safari Amber $6.25

Wrapping It Up

If you are wandering around Disney’s Animal Kingdom, make sure you are at Anandupur to grab a bite to eat. The Yak & Yeti counter offers some tasty treats for you.