I love that Disney has been willing to poke some fun at itself lately; like the Por favor, mantenganse alejado de las puertas t-shirt. It is obvious that there are some fun people in their product department and that always translates into some fun merchandise.

While wandering around the World of Disney the other day, I stumbled across these t-shirts.

Cool retro Mickey Mouse shirt:



The next shirt I ran across was based around one of the most asked questions in the park:

And finally, who hasn’t seen this sign around the parks?

Wrapping It Up

Keeping in line with an earlier post, it seems that some of the folks in the product team are rediscovering some of the fun of the parks. Being able to laugh is an amazing trait; being able to laugh at yourself is a remarkable gift. These simple products show that there are still some remarkable folks over at the House of Mouse.