Mickey's Starland Station

Old Mickey's Starland Station

Well with the new plans for Fantasyland out and construction already underway…Mickey’s Toontown Fair has finally closed. Opened originally as Mickey’s Birthdayland in June of 1988, to celebrate our favorite mouse’s 60th birthday it became Mickey’s Starland in May of 1990.

Welcome Sign

Welcome to Mickey's Toontown Fair signage

Mickey Mouse's House

Mickey Mouse's House

Folks had been so happy to find a place to meet and greet Mickey that Disney kept the area up, long after it’s usefulness transitioning to Mickey’s Toontown Fair in October of 1996 and updating the storyline so it had some relevance for the guests.

Minnie Mouse's House

Minnie Mouse's house

Donald's boat

Donald Duck's boat house

I had always enjoyed the prospect of visiting Mickey’s house, but felt this area of the park never had as much fit and finish as its counterpart in Disneyland. Since it was really built as a makeshift area to serve one purpose, Mickey’s Birthday, the attractions based in this land always seemed half-baked and have not really stood the test of time.


The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farms

Mickey's Toontown Fair station

Mickey's Toontown Fair Train Station

Despite that, it is sometimes sad to see the familiar pass us by. So here are some images from the years taken at the various iterations of Mickey’s Toontown Fair. I look forward to see what rises up in its place with the dawning of the new Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.