SHAG and guest

Recently, I had the chance to meet one of my favorite illustrators, Josh Agle – or as he is more commonly known as SHAG. SHAG is derived from the last two letters of his first name and first two letters of his last and he has been wowing the art community since his first solo gallery show in 1997.

If you have followed his career and are a Disney fan you have no doubt seen his work all over events at Disneyland. He has painted a wide variety of original work for everything from Frontierland to the Haunted Mansion anniversary events. Up until recently, he had never held an event here on the East Coast at Walt Disney World Resort, but that changed recently.

In concert with the launch of the Disney Dream and the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, SHAG has been real busy with new paintings. And, on January 31 he was at the Magic Kingdom signing poster of his map of the Magic Kingdom with key icons from the park’s opening as the central theme. This was a limited engagement and all the artwork is now back in the vault until later this summer when the full complement of his artwork will be released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the park.

I cannot wait to see the work he has created for the event, but in the meantime and happy to have had the chance to meet SHAG. He was extremely friendly and happy to talk with every single person. Although the time allotted was a mere two hours, SHAG stated he would be there as long as people wanted to buy his prints. I am looking forward to meeting him again on his next visit to the Walt Disney World Resort.