Saturday morning we got ready to head over to the Magic Kingdom. It was a big day because my girls had committed to going on the Haunted Mansion for the first time. It was very exciting to have them experience the ride for the first time.

On our way into the park, we ran into Robert Scoble; if you don’t know who he is, that’s cool you can find more about him on Wikipedia. Suffice it to say, however, for a techno-geek-nerd like myself meeting the Scobleizer was cool enough, but then to have him interview me about all of our iOS application development was beyond awesome. It was totally unexpected and a whole lot of fun. Robert was an amazingly cool, down-to-earth and fun guy to chat with. He has an extremely comfortable cool about him that was very easy to speak with.

Further enhancing the meeting was he was with an amazing photographer I have been following, Trey Ratcliff and the Keith Barret. These are folks I know and respect and it was definitely not what I had expected to have happen when I woke up in the morning.

You listen to the interview on