So wandering around Epcot the other day, as our family so often does, I decided to surprise my girls with a visit to Teppan Edo. My littlest is big enough to appreciate the experience and it is a nice treat to celebrate the summer and our upcoming new school year.

I had not been in the restaurant since they had done their extensive redesign and have to say, the enhancements really add a much ligher and airier feel to the space. It was enjoyable before, but the new design and layout makes it seem more welcoming to me.

If you have not eaten at Teppan Edo you have probably heard of this type of restaurant – it is where the chef cooks at your table upon a giant cook service. Much like Benihana or other Teppan-yaki style of cooking.

Usually, the experience is the reason to visit one of these restaurants because the food has had a reputation of being acceptable at best. That is not the case, however, with Teppan Edo. Our chef put on quite a show for our table, but also cooked our food to perfection.

We started off with the Crispy Sukiyaki Beef Roll – it was my oldest’s first attempt at sushi. I had never had a dish like this and the flavors were well balanced and a nice start to our meal.

We also had some edamame – soybean pods. If you have never had these delectable items you should really give them a try. Both of my girls are somewhat speculative of new foods, especially greens but they both tried them and were instant fans. They were simply and traditionally prepared – essentially boiled and served chilled.

Back in college we tried sake a few times, but it was in some dive sushi joints near college and the flavor left quite a bit to be desired. The sake sampler at Teppan Edo however offered a trio of various rice wines that offered the neophyte, like myself, a nice introduction into this fascinating type of wine. The portions were right-sized so that the three glasses did not overwhelm your senses.

For my main course I Hotate (sea scallops, with noodles and rice). I rarely get to eat seafood and scallops are one of my absolute favorites. These scallops were delicately cooked to perfection. The noodles and rice were a nice complement to the flavors and did not overpower the meal, rather accented the sweetness of the scallops.

Wrapping it up

Now eating at Epcot is not  difficult to find good food; that food usually comes at a price. Teppan Edo is no exception. The sit-down, or table-service, restaurants are much higher cost than you might find near your home. Our dinner for four was about $150, not including tax or tip so be prepared for the price. Having stated that, it is not a restaurant I would frequent as a local, but if you are on vacation and want to experience a wonderful traditional Teppan-yaki style setting, Teppan Edo is a great option.

Have you eaten here and care to share your experiences? Just add your comments below!