I enjoy a good hot dog…it is a simple pleasure and you used to be able to find tasty ones all over the Magic Kingdom. A while back they switched over to turkey dogs and although I know they are supposed to be healthier, they taste awful. That’s why I was so excited when Casey’s Corner on Main St. U.S.A. started to offer gourmet hot dogs earlier this year.

It has taken me this long to get to the park and try them and sadly, I was not missing anything special. The new entree menu consists of:

  • Barbecue Slaw Dog
  • Chicago Style Dog
  • Chili Cheese Dog
  • Ball Park Nachos
  • Corn Dog Nuggets
  • Hot Dog Meal

Chicago Style Hot Dog

I love the Chi-dogs so my wife and I tried that one while my daughters tried the Chili Cheese dog and plain Hot Dog Meal. The fresh relish on the Chicago dog was nice and fresh but not as authentic as I had hoped; also, the bun was not a poppy-seed bun which is more traditional, but rather sprinkled with poppy seeds over top. The relish was a nice flavor, but could not overpower the incredibly bad hot dog it was placed upon. I would have to say that Disney is still using turkey dogs in place of all beef hot dogs – or vienna sausage if you want to get technical for the Chicago dog.

The Chili Cheese Dog had ample chili and cheese over top, but was also overpowered by the flavor of the sub-par hot dog. The size of the portions was also a bit much; considering the price, however, perhaps not. For the four of us to eat a quick lunch approached $50. For comparison, we had eaten at Pei Wei’s the night before, a quick service Chinese restaurant owned by the P.F. Chang chain, for closer to $35 and that included two beers. I expect to pay a bit of a premium in the parks for food, but the costs in the parks are pushing the boundaries for ridiculous.

The value for this meal was way overpriced and due to the poor quality of the hot dog I will have to steer clear of meals like this until they are replaced with actual beef franks. There are better options in the Magic Kingdom for dining and cannot recommend Casey’s Corner. If you are looking for a quick service lunch, I would head over to Pecos Bill’s, the Plaza Restaurant, I know it is table-service but I always have a good meal there, or even just grab a turkey leg while you wander the parks.