Well, we have had quite an adventurous few days/weeks here at etckt.com. Our site was recently hacked and it took a little bit to get back to 100% but we are now back to normal. We have undertaken a few changes due to this attack and will continue to refine our practices to secure etckt.com.

Oh Boy! Digital painting by Matthew Gallagher

© Copyright 2011 | All Rights Reserved

In between the various fire-drills associated with the recent events, we have undertaken a series of digital paintings with topics ranging across the span of Disney characters. The first classic character painting is one we have entitled, Oh Boy!

It is an interpretation of everyone’s favorite mouse and offers a whimsical view at the big cheese.

We have provided a couple of different sizes in case you would like a desktop patter/wallpaper for your device. It is a small token of thanks to all of our readers and friends and we hope that you enjoy this painting. There are plenty more in the queue, with a host of Marvel characters included, since they are now part of the Disney family.

1920X1280 | 1280X1024 | 1280X800 | 1024X768 | iPhone Retina Display

Wrapping it up

It has been an hectic few days but we appreciate our friends here at etckt and wanted to start a trend for sharing some digital goodies with you for allowing us to spend some time with you during your day. Thanks for reading!