So, wandering around Epcot this past weekend it was clear to see what time of year it was – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival time. All the booths were in place, areas were cordoned off with shrubbery and we were getting excited for this upcoming weekend.

Wandering around World Showcase, we happened upon the Japan booth, and it was open offering there dishes for the food and wine festival. Lucky for me, it was lunch-ish time so I queued up but was pretty shocked at the price for the Spicy Tuna – $8.50. Normally, the prices for dishes at the festival are $5 max, so I was a little upset at the hike. That was until I received the order. There were 8 pieces of healthy-sized Spicy Tuna Rolls in the container.

Now, the container looked like any other one you see at Publix so I was skeptical on the dish. Normally, dishes are served up freshly prepared at the festival so I am going to dock a few points for the deli-case delivery of the food. The tuna, however, was rather tasty – not the best I have had but nice for wandering around the park.

My main concern, however, stems back to the delivery of the food. The park always touts the freshly prepared aspect of the festival with great chefs and custom dishes. The preview with this offering would lead me to think otherwise; that the dishes are mass prepared offsite somewhere and delivered to the festival. I will reserve that final judgement until the festival opens this weekend and we have a chance to sample all of the dishes they have advertised in the media. Hope to see you there!