Wheel of Peril poster

Never a Dull Moment | Pointed fun

Tiger Juggling poster

Tiger Juggling - One Performance Only with Razor Edged Thrills!

Aquamaniac poster

Aquamaniac - All the Tricks in the Book!

Canine Cannonball poster

Canine Cannonball - Shooting for the Stars!

Wrapping it Up

One of the great things with this latest addition to the Magic Kingdom is the refined attention to the fine details. We have seen, over time, some of the Pixie Dusting around the park tarnishing but this sneak preview of the New Fantasyland has generated a lot of excitement. There is a whimsical style to these posters that carries through to the actual show areas; like the Reckless Rocketeer’s crashed rocket in the queue line, as well as the Wheel of Peril. I am extremely excited by these sneak peaks and cannot wait for the rest of the New Fantasyland to open. If you have a chance, get your sneak peek next time you visit the Magic Kingdom.