Sign for the Brave Highland Games

Nothing is better this time of year than your local Highland games. Strolling through Epcot the other day, we stumbled upon the Brave Highland games on our way to World Showcase.

Spinning wheel to choose family

Highland games are events held throughout the year in Scotland and other countries as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture and heritage, especially that of the Scottish Highlands. Certain aspects of the games are so well known as to have become emblematic of Scotland.

Archery at the Brave Highland Games

First part of the experience is a hands on carnival-style array of games starting with a wheel-spin to choose your family. From there you go onto archery, haggis tossing (two flavors) and the log toss.

Crayon rubbing location

You finish up with some crayon rubbings which turn out to be some of the patriarchs of the four families we will soon meet when DisneyPixar Brave comes to theaters later this month.

Wrapping it Up

Sand sculpture

There is nothing too high-tech nor involved in this little pop-up carnival. It is a surprise and offers a quick activity for you and your family to enjoy as you explore Epcot. All in all, it is a nice little diversion for the kids and in the end we all got a pin with our new “family” as well as some wonderful postcards with scenes from the new film. If you have a chance to visit Epcot, be sure to head over to the large sand sculpture and take your turn at the Highland games.