The Eagle Pole

Disney Wilderness Lodge lobby

VR view of the Wilderness Resort Lobby

For the recent Memorial Day weekend we decided to head on over to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge for a brief vacation at one of our favorite Disney Resorts. I thought this might be a good opportunity to explore the resort fully and provide a photographic overview for the site.

The thing you notice first when entering the resort is the use of tall timber to recreate the grandeur of Rocky Mountain national park geyser country as the inspiration for Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

VR view of the Wilderness Resort Lobby

A sun-drenched atrium dominated by 60-foot lodgepole pine timbers and a massive stone fireplace helps recapture the romance of rustic, century-old architecture with a contemporary flair, bringing the wilderness world of nearly 100 years ago 2,000 miles to Florida lakes and forest lands.

Eagle Pole plaque

Disney Wilderness Lodge grounds

Disney's Wilderness Lodge grounds

The grounds of the resort gives the authentic feel of the great lodges out West. With footpaths, elevated walkways through the forest and geothermal features interspersed throughout the resort, it is one of my favorite resorts here at the Walt Disney World Resort.

VR view of the lookout

The views from the lookout provide a sweeping vista of the resort. The architectural details of the resort merge with the landscape architecture to provide a relaxing setting if you are walking around the property or lounging by the pool.

VR view of the lookout

Disney Wilderness Lodge pool

VR view of the pool

A bubbling hot spring in the main lobby expands into a geothermal area outside the building. The water flows under a picturesque window wall to become Silver Creek in the upper courtyard. The quiet, contemplative creek widens and is transformed into a roaring waterfall which plummets 15 feet past Overlook Point, another traditional National Park icon, and widens again in the swimming area.

Disney Wilderness Lodge boat dock

VR view of the boat dock

Providing easy access to the Magic Kingdom, the Wilderness Lodge’s boat dock is the best way to get over to the Magic Kingdom.

Native American Culture



The culture and beauty of the West is showcased in the artwork at the lodge. The oldest culture to be honored in the hotel is the Native American, with artifacts from tribes such as the Cheyenne, the Crow, the Sioux and the Blackfoot. The era of exploration is represented by maps from the great Western survey teams plus sketches and watercolors from artists such as Karl Bodmer and George Catlin.

Wrapping it Up

There is a lot to explore at the resort. If you have some down-time in between park adventures, golfing and all of the other activities across the Walt Disney World Resort you might just want to take a stroll around the hotel and enjoy the immersive experience of staying at the lodge.

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