An original attraction to the park, the Haunted Mansion continues to be one of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom. Based on Dutch Gothic architecture to give it a sense of place in the overall architectural scheme and theme of the park.

The attraction, despite its name, is not very frightening to most guests. It is a mix of fright and funny with the funny winning out most times. The original design called for much more spine-tingling but much of this was toned down to provide a humorous attraction for Disney’s guests.

Stretching elevator

The design of the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom was developed in tandem with its counterpart in Disneyland so it shares much of the same experience. The larger building, here in the Magic Kingdom however, allowed for some additional scenes.

The Haunted Mansion is in fact, the only attraction to appear in different lands in each of the four Disney Parks around the world: New Orleans Square in Disneyland, Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland and Frontierland in Disneyland Paris.

Interactive queue

Over the years, there have been a few modifications, refurbishments and enhancements. One of the biggest enhancements is the addition of the interactive queue area. This is a newer addition to the attraction and provides something to occupy the guest during the waiting. There are some holes to the backstory of the mansion filled in with the addition of this area and some homages to several imagineers who made the attraction possible.

Pet cemetary

As you exit the attraction, you can view a series of crypts with humorous names like: Bea Witch, Asher T. Ashes, Wee G. Bord, Emma Spook and more. Also, as you exit the ride, look up on the hill to your left for a pet cemetery with some interesting pedigrees (hint: look for the beloved Mr. Toad).

Architectural Importance

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion, and to a greater level of importance Liberty Square, set up an important plan for the park that weaves its way through Liberty Square through Frontierland.

As the Haunted Mansion architectural style represents the early 1700s and New York’s Hudson River Valley we slowly move through time via the architecture populating the streets of these two lands.

The Columbia Harbor House represents New England in the mid-1700s while the Hall of Presidents moves us Westward to Philadelphia in the late-1700s. As you continue towards Frontierland, the shops on the left side of the street continue to tell the story of our country’s Westward expansion and growth of the nation through the end of the 18th Century and through the 19th Century; culminating with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Monument Valley.


The Haunted Mansion element

Attraction Name: The Haunted Mansion
Land: Liberty Square
Attraction Type: Dark ride
Vehicle: Doom Buggy
Opening Date: October 1, 1971
Original Ticket: E
Duration: 7.5 minutes

Wrapping it Up

This attraction is a must-see for the Disney fan. It has been my favorite ride since I rode this as a child back in the early 70’s and continues to bring a smile to my face every time I ride it.

Note: The suspense to ride the attraction is greater than any scare that small children will experience inside. However, some kids just do not want to ride this classic and that can be understood; the supernatural seems so very real to the littlest adventurers and some families will have to plan ahead in order swap out to experience the fun. There is no area in this attraction for rider swap, so you will have to plan accordingly.