Icons of the Parks of the Walt Disney World Resort

One of the best parts of my job is just the proximity to the Walt Disney World Resort. I have been coming to these parks since shortly after they opened in the ’70’s and I have always been inthralled with the icons of the parks.

I remember seeing Cinderella Castle as a kid and being in awe at the scale and details of this beautiful building. Over the years each new park brought its own icon into the Disney architectural registry: Spaceship Earth at Epcot, the Chinese Theater at the Studios (which was replaced by the gaudy hat) and the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Each one of these structures centers the park it resides within. Each one, minus the Sorcerer’s Hat, presents a defining image of the park that every guest recognizes and instantly whether they have been to the park previously or just by the collective knowledge through Disney’s participation in our lives.

I have been working on several projects centered around the parks over this past year and have shared some of the imagery here and elsewhere before. This work-in-progress is just the latest step in development that I couldn’t help but share here on etckt.com.

This image, and its associated portfolio from my Disney Galaxy, will become part of a new iOS application dedicated to the parks as well as some posters, tees and more. I will keep you posted here for updates and thanks for following along with us here at etckt.com.