Lumiere, is your host during the show

This weekend, portions of the New Fantasyland opened for a dress rehearsal and all I can say is WOW! The first thing you encounter, once you pass through the newly opened castle walls is the Enchanted Tales with Belle; it is on your left nestled along a nicely appointed path that leads you to Maurice’s cottage.

Maurice's Cottage

The cottage itself, is very understated with a few nice touches from the movie incorporated into the design, but it is hardly over the top. As you enter the cottage you find yourself in a small room with some nice touches referencing Belle and her life in this sleepy little village, but again, it is mostly understated. The real thrills, however, come once you enter the next room and are taken back to the day that Belle and the Beast fell in love.

The Magic Mirror

The main feature of the next room is the magic mirror that hangs on the wall. Words do a disservice to the amazing feats of magic that the Imagineers were able to create for this attraction, so I will let a rough cut of our vide show you their work.


Within the attraction there is so much for kids of all ages to enjoy that it is hard to pick a favorite feature of the Enchanted Tales with Belle. If I had to, however, it would be Lumiere; wait no, the wardrobe. Wait, the mirror. No…anyway, it is incredible what Disney has been able to accomplish with this attraction.

Wrapping it Up

The technology and innovation to bring the magic mirror to life is remarkable, let alone the animatronic characters. Disney has stepped up to the challenge thrown down by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with attractions like this. I went through the attraction multiple times and was continually enchanted by almost every aspect of it and the fact that any child who wants to participate can have some fun during the show. If you can get a chance to catch the dress rehearsals this week, I would recommend it. If not, Passholder previews are coming soon and December 6 will be here before you know it and everyone can experience this wonderful new Fantasyland.