Under the Sea entry

The next item from our visit around the New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom is Under the Sea | Journey of the Little Mermaid. It is a wonderful attraction that sends us under the sea to experience everyone’s favorite little mermaid, Ariel, and retells the story in a live setting as on the Imagineers are able.

Under the Sea signage

One of the first things we notice, naturally, is Ariel on the bow of a ship that marks the entrance to the attraction. Now, I have heard some dissent as to why Ariel is placed on the ship, and I have to agree, but it is a minor hiccup in the retelling of the Little Mermaid as it comes to the parks.

Eric's Castle

One of the nice features of the attraction is the amazing attention to detail throughout the queue area and attraction itself. There is so much to see as you walk into the ride, that you are sure to discover new things for dozens of trips. From the wonderfully constructed castle you wander down a winding queue area that has weaves its way around the “coral” outcroppings.

Nautilus submarine carved into the coral

Since this entire new expansion of Fantasyland sits on the site of the old 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, it is only proper and fitting that there was some tributes hidden along the way. As you wind you way around the coral, be sure to look down into the water and see if you can spot the Nautilus.

Note from Ariel

One of the coolest little features I saw was the second day I returned to photograph this new land. As you wander through interior queue area, there is a note from Ariel about some fun little crabs who are helping her clean up the place. Once you find these little guys/gals you can direct them to sort the treasure in Ariel’s grotto.


I didn’t get to linger too long for a video clip, this time, but I was able to snap a quick peek at one of the helpful little critters. They also make an appearance with Scuttle right before you enter the castle portion of the queue area.

Scuttle and his crab helpers

Ultimately, however, you arrive at your clam shell and can ride through the attraction in style. Enjoy the view from our day Under the Sea and let us know what you think.


Wrapping It Up

The Walt Disney World Resort has established a new level of quality and attraction design with this new expansion to the Magic Kingdom. I am excited to visit again and catch all of the details I am sure to have missed on such a quick trip through the new land. I am looking forward to the Annual Passholder preview as well as the Press Event in December and will bring more details, photos and videos to the site as soon as we create them.