Walt Disney Chief Engineer

One of the great things about the Magic Kingdom is the little stories behind the details. One of the most common sites as you walk around Main St. U.S.A. are the businesses painted on the windows of the buildings along the street.

These are no ordinary names, they are Disney legends. To have your name on a window on Main St. U.S.A. means you had a measurable impact on the business of the Walt Disney Co.; it is said to be the highest honor bestowed by the company.

As we have been reviewing thousands of images for our new iBooks and iOS apps, I thought I would post one of those windows from the most important Disney legend, Walt’s window that you see before you even enter the park in the railroad station. His window reads:

Walt Disney World Railroad Office
Keeping Dreams on Track
Walter E. Disney
Chief Engineer

It is the only window you can see from outside and with very good reason. It’s location is not by accident either, Walt was a huge fan of trains and even had a scale railway running through his estate for a time and it was nicknamed the Carolwood Pacific Railroad. All of the windows tie back to the person they celebrate, but also an interest of theirs or a specialty they brought to the company.

Next time you are wandering around the parks, take some time to look at these windows. They offer a great deal of entertainment for the true Disney geek.