[pano file=”http://etckt.com/wp-content/uploads/panoramas/2013-01-27_mk_fal_bog/mk_fal_bog.html” width=”580″ height=”400″ title=”Be Our Guest Restaurant” alt=”Stereographic projection of the foyer to Be Our Guest Restaurant” preview=”http://etckt.com/wp-content/uploads/panoramas/2013-01-27_mk_fal_bog/Default.jpg”]

Very excited to be heading back to Be Our Guest Restaurant today for dinner. In case you haven’t been able to make it to the Magic Kingdom, here is a VR View of the foyer leading into the restaurant.

This is one of many new interactive features we are working on expanding for the site and our new projects. Look for more immersive posts and new iBooks and iOS applications coming from etckt and focused on our favorite places across Disney’s World.