Space Mountain

Part of the work required for writing a book is reviewing source materials. With creation of our first iBook that involves an enormous amount of photo selections, or selects for short. Reviewing so much footage that we have taken over the past 5+ years is somewhat daunting since at last count we have well over 60,000 images of just the parks alone.

Space Mountain interior

While reviewing some of the archives, we get little surprises here and there. One of them are these photos from a trip on the Peoplemover, or as it is known today, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

Space Mountain interior

We tend to hop on this ride when we want to sit down for a spell while still enjoying the park. It is a great tour of Tomorrowland and on this day (October 2, 2009) was better than most; the lights were on inside Space Mountain.

IMG_7065_bIt is always cool to be able to see behind the magic, every now and again.

Space Mountain interiorIt is always best to be prepared for the unexpected in the Magic Kingdom and I was glad that I had the camera ready to snap a few rare shots within this iconic attraction.



There are plenty more surprises coming from the archives; some we will include here as well as in our upcoming iBook, The e.lements of Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


Check out a higher resolution image here.