We have been working feverishly to finish our very first book entitled, Elements of Magic: The Interactive Guidebook for Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and we are almost ready for release.

The book covers some history of the creation of the Magic Kingdom, but focuses on the six themed lands that comprise the park and the attractions and restaurants located therein. There is extensive original photography, as well as immersive 360-degree views of key locations throughout the park and interactive features that can only be found on books made for iBooks that provide engaging and entertaining content throughout the book.

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The book is finished on our end and is in the final stages of preparation for release on Apples iBooks Store. We will have links to the book as soon as it goes live on the Apple iBooks Store.

Wrapping it Up

This book has been in development, in one shape or another, for nearly twenty years. The original plan was an interactive CD-ROM, but the technology was never robust enough to allow an immersive experience that I knew was needed to showcase such a magical destination. iBooks presented the perfect platform to finally realize the vision we had so many years ago.