We had a great Valentine’s Day that purposefully spilled over into the weekend. Friday night was a special time with our girls, but Saturday night we finally had a chance to check out the Tutto Gusto wine bar in the italy Pavilion at Epcot.

Experience the flavors of Italy at this cozy wine bar. Recalling an authentic Italian wine cellar, Tutto Gusto offers over 200 bottles of Italian wines—plus beer and a small-plates menu of meats, cheeses, panini, pasta and desserts.


There was a bit of wait to get into the bar; about 15 minutes, but significantly less than the 45 minute time they continually repeated to everyone walking up to get into line.

Once they called us, they asked if a couch was OK for our evening and that turned out to be one of the best things about the experience. The bar is divided, roughly into three sections: a bar are, limited table seating and the couches.


Where we were sitting was a nice, small space with a barrel-vaulted brick tiled ceiling and a good-sized fireplace. When I inquired if they ever lit the fireplace, I was informed that originally it would be lit, but too many unattended children were allowed to play near the flames, so management chose to leave it as purely ornamental.

The wine bar offers a limited, but well chosen selection of appetizers and main dishes, beers, as well as a massive selection of wines.

We chose a nice plate of antipasto, for two and two of their wine flights: soft elegant reds $14 and powerhouse reds $18.


The soft elegant reds was comprised of: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo La Quercia, Barbera d’Alba Beni di Batasiolo, and a Valpolicella Allegrini. The powerhouse reds consisted of: Langhe Nebbiolo Mirafiore, Lucente Super Tuscan Luce, and Primativo Pimaterra.


All six selections of wine were spectacular and paired extremely well with our plate of antipasto. The antipasto was a selection of meats (salamis and prosciutto), roasted peppers and onions, olives, cheeses and eggplant.

We finished the meal with some espresso and a chocolate panna cotta, which is essentially an incredibly rich custard and cherries. It was the perfect dolci to finish this tapas-styled meal. We had a great time at Tutto Gusto and plan to go back for another evening, but this time we will try a selection of the main dishes.