Droste image of the four icons of the parks at The Walt Disney World Resort

Since the Disney’s Hollywood Studios is finally removing the Sorcerer’s Hat, we began working on a new iconic image for some of the work here at etckt.com. In the past, we have created original works for the site and one of the most popular images we have created is a droste image of the four park icons (above image).

A droste image is an effect of a picture appearing within itself, recursively to seemingly infinity. It naming comes from a famous Droste chocolate box, that depicted a woman holding a box of chocolate.

Work in Progress of new Four Park Droste Image

This past weekend, we spent a great deal of time going through our photographic library to get the right image of The Great Movie Ride. There are a couple of images that fit into the format so now it is a matter of creating some of the new elements and working within the editor to create the final image.

Work in progress droste image of the icons of Walt Disney World theme parks

One of the things to address is creating a unique bed for the icons to rest on in the image. The grass works well, but needs some work, so that is the tasks for this week, so keep checking back for updates to the image and some of the merchandise we hope to be placing on sale soon.