The Orlando Sentinel has reported that due to the global economic crisis, that is affecting car manufacturers particularly hard, GM may not be able to renew its agreement with the Walt Disney Co. as the sponsor of the attraction Test Track.

10 Year Deal

The agreement between GM and Walt Disney World was a ten year deal struck in 1999; that deal comes to an end at the end of March 2009. Due to the poor financial condition that GM, and all of the major car manufacturers find themselves in, sponsoring the Test Track exhibit may become untenable.

Disney and GM have been in negotiations over the matter and GM has stated they wish to have a resolution by the end of the month.

You can read the full article by Jason Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel here.

Ride Footage


Wrapping it up

I remember when this ride was built. I was a castmember at Disney’s Multimedia Group and our offices were in Epcot, at the Italian Pavilion. Everyday I would drive by as this monstrous attraction was built and tested. It was quite a thrill when we finally got to ride it during the castmember previews and it quickly became the most popular attraction in the parks.

For Walt Disney World to lose one of its most popular attractions at a time when the company states attendance is down would not be a good development. The ride has been a hit since its opening and I am sure the company is doing all in its power to keep Test Track running.