This is a big weekend for us here at etckt. After a lot of hard work we have released PixieKingdom; our first application for Apple’s iPhone. PixieKingdom offers a quick and easy way to locate all of the great attractions in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort, located in Central Florida.

PixieKingdom is an easy-to-use application that offers a simple break-down of the park in easy-to-navigation segments that correspond to the 7 magical themed lands of the Magic Kingdom. PixieKingdom also offers some highlights for picturespots, guest services and more. PixieKingdom also takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS capability to show where you are in relation to the map being viewed (except for the Parade Route section of the application).

This is the first application, of many to come, that we are delivering. We hope that you find it useful as you visit the Walt Disney World Resort and the Magic Kingdom.

You will need an iPhone using release OS 3.1.2 or greater is required for use with this application as the main functions are live mapping for the Magic Kingdom. PixieKingdom will not function properly on earlier versions. PixieKingdom is available now on the AppStore.