Statue of Gaston and Le Fou

The next location we bring you on our destination within the New Fantasyland is Gaston’s. Now as we all know, everyone’s awed and inspired by him and now he has shared his lovely decorating tips with us all.

Gaston’s is a quick service destination within the New Fantasyland and offers a few treats with the Pork Shank sure to be the next Turkey Leg you see guests munching on as they wander the park.

Le Fou's Brew

They also serve a new beverage called Le Fou’s Brew. It comes in either a tankard, decorated with the Beast and Gaston, or in a goblet decorated with Belle. It is a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow; despite being no-sugar added, it seems surprisingly sweet.

Counter service inside Gaston's Tavern

The main entryway leads you into the counter service area for the tavern. This is a surprisingly small area and I can see it being completely packed on even a moderately busy day in the park. There is a limited menu within Gaston’s Tavern and it feels that it was really put in place to serve up Le Fou’s Brew as a competitor to the Wizarding World of Harry  Potter’s Butter Beer.

Portrait of Gaston

Gaston’s is divided into three main sections. The first being the counters for orders. To the right is a larger seating area decorated in antlers, naturally, with the main focal point being this wonderful portrait of Gaston hanging over the real fireplace.

Gaston's seating are to the left of entryway

To the left of the main entryway is another smaller seating area for you to enjoy your cinammon rolls or humus and chips while you plan the rest of your day in the Magic Kingdom.

Wrapping it Up

Side entryway into Gaston's Tavern

Gaston’s Tavern is a nicely appointed quick service destination within the New Fantasyland within the Magic Kingdom, but the menu really seems to be somewhat lacking. I understand that it cannot really compete with the quick-service offerings that will be sold at the Be Our Guest restaurant, but it feels like it should have a bit more than its current limited menu. Despite that it is sure to be a success that rounds out the story of this New Fantasyland which brings some of Disney’s most beloved characters to life within their own land in the Magic Kingdom.