Since I couldn’t get a chance to fly the Characters in Flight this weekend, I went back through my archives and pulled out some aerial shots from a long-since retired attraction; the Skyway at the Magic Kingdom.

Characters in Flight

Characters In Flight operated by Aerophile is a 72-foot-diameter balloon with a whimsical design featuring silhouettes of a dozen of Disney’s “flying characters” – such as Mary Poppins, Peter Pan and Dumbo.  The vibrantly colored balloon can lift up to 30 guests at a time on a six-minute trip – thanks to its enclosed volume of 210,000 cubic feet of lighter-than-air gas.  The ascents, by day or night, provide guests with an unparalleled, 360-degree view of up to 10 miles.

Unfortunately for me, the weather was not cooperating on the 2 days I was at Downtown Disney’s West Side. So, I dug out some photos of another high-flying attraction; the Skyway at the Magic Kingdom. There was a time when you could take a leisurely glide above the park on the Skyway to Tommorrowland/Fantasyland (depending on which side of the park you caught the Skyway).


The Skyway used to be one of my favorite attractions. It offered a great means to see the Magic Kingdom from a whole new perspective. It was serene and beautiful and on a clear day you could see forever. It is actually the place I proposed to my wife and was sorry to see it dismantled, but progress waits for no one.